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September 26th, 2019

Liberals failed Indigenous peoples in northern Manitoba

THOMPSON – Today, NDP candidate Niki Ashton (Churchill--Keewatinook Aski) underlined the failures of Trudeau’s Liberals to deliver on their promises to Indigenous people in Northern Manitoba and across the country. People in our North are still facing a housing crisis that has not been addressed. Many are still struggling to reach health facilities outside their communities because they have no other choice to get the care they need.

“While families and elders are not getting the services they need, Trudeau’s Liberals are working for the wealthiest corporations,” said Ashton. “They spent billions of dollars on a pipeline that will further endanger our environment and violates Indigenous rights. That money could have been invested to fix the housing crisis and in head-to-toe healthcare coverage to make life better for Indigenous peoples.”

Ashton also highlighted the betrayal of the Dene in northern Saskatchewan and northern Manitoba. For years, they have been negotiating to pursue their right to land and resources north of 60. When they were so close to reaching an agreement, Minister Bennett reversed her position, and to add insult to injury, refused to even meet with them.

“This was an egregious act of bad faith,” said Ashton in Question Period back in June. “It sets the Dene communities back years. It is the opposite of reconciliation.”

In a New Deal for People, the NDP outlines their commitments to undertake the important work of reconciliation in good faith, and in true and equal partnership with Indigenous communities across the country. We’re committed to making different choices that prioritize Indigenous sovereignty and autonomy, and supporting services and programs that increase the quality of life and dignity.

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